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Choosing colors to paint your home: a guide

The choice of colors to paint your home goes beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, and each of them has a direct influence on your state of mind and lifestyle. The art of Feng Shui focuses many of its decoration criteria on attracting positive energy into different rooms of a dwelling through the colors associated with the 5 elements of nature : Fire, Earth, Metal , Water and Wood, as well as through their combination. If, besides having a friendly home, you want to harmonize every space, promote the flow of positive energies and your personal balance,
then keep reading.

Instructions :According to many criteria, it is important to realize that changing the color of the walls of one of the rooms must be done whenever you feel the need, as often it is enough to make small changes in the decoration, including new textiles or other elements.
However, if you want to make more drastic changes starting with painting your home, we will show you the most appropriate colors for each room according to your goals.


Colors that represent Water

Among the colors associated with the element of water, we find blue and black.

– The blue tones bring tranquility, freshness and calm to the spaces, in addition to an important balance and harmony.

– For its part, black is used to give mystery and sensuality to your piece. Both colors are ideal for decorating bedrooms and bathrooms, mostly using blue to paint the walls of these rooms, as it is able to transmit a lot of calm and serenity. In the case of black, it is better to introduce it through decorative objects rather than using it on the walls.

Colors that represent Fire

Among them are yellow, orange, red, pink and purple.
– The yellow tones are ideal to give joy and happiness, and are excellent, as much on the walls of the kitchen as on those of the children’s room.
– the orange color , according to Feng Shui, can be used to paint some walls of the living room.
– Red is a color that stimulates the flow of universal energy, but it is too intense for walls, and it is best to use it in moderation through decorative objects or fabrics.
– The pink exerts a powerful relaxing effect and evokes tenderness, innocence, naiveté and romanticism. It is suitable for rooms in which you want to be relaxed, as well as for children’s rooms.
– Purple is associated with moderation, spirituality and lucidity. It can be a good option to paint some walls of children’s rooms.

Colors that represent the Earth

The rooms that serve as a meeting place for the family as the living room or dining room can have terracotta tones, beige, pastel yellow, cream or ocher. The latter are associated with the natural element of the Earth and will contribute to strengthen personal relationships and to acquire more stability.

Colors that represent metal

If you choose colors to paint your home especially for spaces like a study room or office, metal colors are preferable. They include white, gray and metallic tones. They bring purity to spaces, create a more serious environment and stimulate concentration. Similarly, white combined with other tones is also a good option for the room.

How to paint these colors

If you want to paint any of these colors then you will either need to do it yourself or hire a pro. If you want to hire a pro then this Savannah GA painter would be a good bet if you’re in the area. If you aren’t then you can just check the yellowpages for your city.

If you want to do it yourself then goodluck, you have your work cut out for you.