How To Care For Your Fish Pond During The Summer vacation

summerThe Summer vacation is the most pleasant season of the year to sit in the garden with your favorite ice-cold drink and watch your fish and the rest of your garden. It is the busiest period of the year for both your pond and your garden flowers, and the birds and the bees are at their most lively too.

If you would like to keep on enjoying your garden and pond into the evening, you can arrange exterior lighting at strategic points to highlight the best locations. However, despite wanting to simply relax in the warmth, there are still some chores that you will have to carry out to care for your fish pond during the summer.

The first thing you have to do is ensure that you fish are getting enough oxygen when on your vacation. The problem is that warm water holds less oxygen that cold water, so you have to take extra measures in the summer. This is fairly simply rectified by mechanical, automatic methods. There are three basic methods of aerating fish pond water.

The most important technique is the use of a fish pond filter. Endeavor to have the water pumped several feet above the pond water level. The water is then passed through the filter, and it should drop down a few steps back into the water. Every time the water falls, it will pick up more oxygen, which it will take back to the pond.

The second technique is also the most spectacular – the fountain. Most fountains have a couple of settings to allow different water patterns. All the patterns will oxygenate the water. A high, single jet of water will make the most noise when it falls back into the pond, while a pattern of say, ten less-powerful sprays will scarcely make any noise at all.

The third method of aerating the pond water is the ‘bubbler.’ This unit sucks air from above the waterline and blows it out it below the water line – it is the type of aeration unit that indoor fish tanks utilize, but on a larger scale.

The use of these three techniques in the summer will ensure that your fish always have enough oxygen no matter how warm it gets.

The next matter is feeding. Fishes’ metabolism increases during the summer. They also have to put on fat, because they will not eat much during the winter. You can make certain that your fish get plenty of insects to eat by fitting a light by the water side. You can either take a line from the pond pump, or you could place a solar powered light there instead. Choosing a feeder can be hard but there is a good option right here.

The insects will be attracted to the light and fall into the water. The fish will soon learn about the insects. Insects are fishes’ natural food, so this is the best means to fatten them up without running the risk of putting too much food into the water which could rot and adversely affect the properties of the water. Lighting up your pond in the evening is also a great way of getting more pleasure from your pond.

This is the last chore that you have to carry out to care for your fish pond during the summer – keeping the water pristine. There will be a build up of algae which has to be cleaned out, but basically, you are now set to enjoy your pond for the summer months.