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Best Guard Dog

With increasing levels of crime, which is often accompanied by acts of violence, it has become increasingly important for homeowners, and especially people who live on large estates, to have a dog who is both a faithful companion, an excellent guard dog and an animal that can be invoked to keep their home.

There are a number of breeds that make an excellent one. adorable animals, but are quite useless as watchdogs. In some cases, they welcome the criminal in your home as a long-lost friend. In my experience, the following six races will serve the dual purpose of being a faithful companion and also a fearsome guardian, should the need arise.

German Shepherd Dog

It is a breed that has a long history of being a wonderful companion for children and also a most demanding watchdog. A well-bred German Shepherd Dog knows instinctively when a situation is potentially dangerous. The dog instinctively reacts to your body language and the tone of your voice.

This comes from several generations of improvement for this specific purpose. But it is important to note that the dog must be well behaved. By the term “well-bred” I’m not talking about showing quality, but rather the temperament of parents. If the father and dam of the puppy you intend to have stable, confident animals, there is every chance your puppy turns to a good guard dog. If they are nervous and unsure of him,


A well-behaved Rottweiler is also an excellent choice as a watchdog. But again, the question of being well behaved must be taken into account. Rottweilers generally are quite reliable, trustworthy dogs, and excellent with kids, but there are dogs that are not as confident as they should be.

Because of its size, strength and powerful jaws, a good Rottweiler can be relied upon to warn any alleged crime.

Dobermann Pincher

This is another breed of dog that was originally bred as a watchdog. He is an agile, athletic and intelligent dog that has a natural, innate tendency to guard himself. But then again, it’s important to have a look at both of the puppy’s parents you intend to purchase to make sure their temperaments are solid.

Unfortunately, in recent years, many show win Doberman Pinchers are not as confident as they used to be. Sometimes they may be excited.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

This large, well-muscled breed is becoming more popular. Originally bred to help lions follow up, this breed is usually an extremely confident pet at once and an excellent family pet dog and a very reliable watchdog. The dog has a very stable temperament and is excellent with children.

An interesting feature of this dog, besides its attractive color, is the distinctive ridge running along the length of the back. He is a smart animal that can easily be trained. Despite its size, is not usually a fighter.


This very large breed with a beautiful white coat was original to keep the flocks of sheep. Because of its large size and strength, it can conjure even the most determined intruder. It has excellent guarding characteristics.

With a dog, this size of early training is necessary to ensure that the animal understands that he can not have his own way and must obey orders.

Bull Mastiff

Bull breeds are usually great for kids and the Bull Mastiff is no exception. This is an excellent family dog, and can also prove to be a wonderful keeper. A useful feature of the Bull Mastiff is that even though it is a large dog,

it is not a particularly active animal, so it does not need just as much space than other large breeds.

There are many other breeds of dogs that are sometimes excellent guard dogs, but because they have not been specifically raised as a guard dog, they are not guards as consistently as the six good ones above.